Doing my best to stimulate the local economy sale!!

Edwards Dam

Classic                                             not engraved                             $18  Now  $12         

                                                         engraved                                    $20 Now   $14

Americana                                       not engraved                              $24 Now   $18

                                                          engraved                                    $26 Now   $20

Bates Mill   

Classic                                              engraved                                     $20 Now  $12

Log Drive

Classic                                               engraved                                   $20 Now  $14

Longfellow Garden Elm

Americana                                         engraved                                     $26 Now $18

USS Massachusetts

Americana                                           engraved                                   $35 Now $25

Kennebunkport Elm 

Classic                                                not engraved                               $16 Now $10

Classic                                                engraved                                       $20 Now $14

I do have some others that are not found on my web site

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