Age Of Steam 


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               Age of Steam Classic Ballpoint (Cross type refill)  $40

The Boston and Maine RR photo

Picture and history included with each pen

The limited edition (300) pen was hand crated from wood removed from a Boston and Maine passenger car. The car, originally #875, was built by the Pullman Company in 1897 as a combine, which is a car that is two thirds passenger seating and one third baggage area.

The car was acquired from the Boston and Maine RR by the Strasburg Rail Road Company in 1962. It has been used by the company all these years until a complete restoration was undertaken and completed in June of 2000. Wood was saved during the restoration for these collectible pens. The car is now #62 and was given the name Gobbler's Knob. If you would like a ride on Gobbler's Knob or want more information on the Strasburg Rail Road Company call 717-687-7522 or e-mail

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