Presentation  Choices

1. The standard presentation :

The history card is in a protective clear sleeve and the pen is in a black velvet pen sleeve


Shown with an "Americana" style


2. Plastic pen cases  $1.50

Std Pres

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Plastic pen cases are available for both the Classic or Americana style pens

Shown with a "Classic" style pen

3. Desk Box

This cherry stained case holds all the pen styles except the Baron  $7.00

Desk Case

4. Black velvet case

This case will hold any style pen  $6.00

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Velvet case

                                                                   shown with the Baron style "Moose Antler"

5. Maine Heritage Case  $12

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This is a Made in Maine case which will hold all styles except the Baron

Maine Heritage Case

With an Americana ballpoint





Maine Heritage Inc.            Old Town, Me.        207-827-3631      wpens@aol.com