Picture and history included with each pen

This pen was handcrafted from bentwood chairs and an old desk removed from Pat's Pizza in Orono, Maine. No longer usable, the items were being discarded.

C.D. "Pat" Farnsworth opened Farnsworth's Cafe in July 1931. Pat's dream was backed by $175, long hours, and hard work. In 1953, Pat put pizza on his menu. The fresh dough pizzas, covered with a special sauce developed by Pat and his wife Fran were an instant success.

Perhaps you have enjoyed a few cold beers and a great pizza at Pat's just before the big game of concert. Did your bentwood chair squeak or lean a little? If so, now it's a pen! Over the years, Pat's Pizza has been a favorite of the University of Maine students including Stephen King. During his years at the University, Pat's was a favorite haunt of King's, and he still occasionally visits "The Tap Room". Pat's is a friendly place where family and friends can meet for good company and great pizza. For more information on Pat's or to order a pizza, call 1-207-866-2111.

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