Museums, Historical Societies, Historic Places

     Maine Heritage Inc. and American Heritage Pens has proudly worked with a variety of organizations dedicated to the preservation of American history. If your organization is involved with a restoration, remodeling, new construction or tree trimming then the wood from those projects may be used to make pens. The object is to find wood with a historic or sentimental significance to your patrons. In too many cases important wood was discarded just before American Heritage Pens became involved. Here's an example.

    During the ice storm of 1998 a large maple tree was destroyed at the family home of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain in Brewer, Maine. The maple was a witness tree to the time of Chamberlain. The majority of the downed tree was chipped just before I got there but I was able to salvage a portion of the trunk. I was able to craft 1300 pens from that wood. The pens were sold in partnership with the Brewer Historical Society with the society realizing a nice profit. The society made several thousand dollars with no expenses to them.

    We understand that most organizations are underfunded ---we can work around that!!

    $$$ is not needed to get started just that special wood and we'll do the rest.

    Don't throw that old wood away!!!!!

    Stan Lucien

    American Heritage Pens

    Maine Heritage Inc. 


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