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This pen was handcrafted from teak removed during the 1999-2000 deck restoration on board battleship USS Massachusetts, also referred to as Big Mamie. The ship was built in Quincy, Massachusetts and delivered to the Boston Navy Yard in April 1942.

Battleship Massachusetts went into action on November 8, 1942 in Operation Torch, the invasion of North Africa, where she silenced an enemy battleship and sank two destroyers, two merchant ships, and a floating drydock.

The ship also saw extensive action in the Pacific Theatre. She patrolled the New Guinea-Solomons area and participated in the invasion of the Gilbert Islands. She took part in the invasion of the Marshall Islands in January 1944, carrier strikes against Turk, and a series of raids against Japanese bases in the Western Pacific and Asia.

In 1945, Big Mamie protected the carriers off Iwo Jima, and her 16-inch guns pounded Okinawa before the island was invaded. Next, Battleship Massachusetts was off to Japan with the Third Fleet, bombarding a steel works in Kamaishi and a factory in Hamamatsu.

After the war, she served with the Pacific Fleet until 1946 when she was deactivated. Stricken from the Navy Register in 1962, Big Mamie was ordered sold for scrap. Fortunately, her wartime crew had held annual reunions and decided to save their ship as a memorial. In 1965, Big Mamie was brought to Fall River, Massachusetts and was opened to the public. The ship has been designated a National Historic Landmark "for its significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America".

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