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The wood used to handcraft this refillable pen came from an old growth, axe-cut birch log that was found at the bottom of Cold Steam Pond in northern Maine. The long log was probably cut between 1840 and 1890. As it was being driven across the lake it sank. Perhaps the log was on its way to the Penobscot River, destine for Old Town or Bangor. From there it may have been shipped on to England, like many other birch logs were.

The Penobscot River has a colorful logging heritage. Henry David Thoreau made several trips to the Penobscot River and the Great Northwoods of Maine. His book The Maine Woods recounts his experiences. In 1846 he wrote, "The next morning we drove along through a high and hilly country in view of Cold Stream Pond, a beautiful lake."

We don’t know if Thoreau saw our birch tree or the birch long log during that trip. We don’t know if our log was destined for England or how the log was to be used. We do know however that this "piece of the past" was saved and now is being used to make these heritage pens.

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