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Picture and history included with each pen

The wood used to make this refillable pen came from the Edwards Dam in Augusta, Maine. The dam was constructed in 1837 on the Kennebec River. After over 160 years of use, the dam was removed in 1999 opening seventeen miles of the river for spawning and nursery habitat for ten species of migratory fish. The Kennebec is the largest river in America to have a dam removed and Edwards Dam is among the largest dams ever removed in the nation.

Maine is proud to be a leader in the protection of America's rivers. Senator Edmund Muskie championed the federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972, log drives were banned on the Kennebec and other Maine rivers in 1976 and now the historic removal of Edwards Dam has been accomplished.

You can help. Maine Heritage Products will donate two dollars for each pen sold to "The Maine River Coalition" a local organization dedicated to the protection and restoration of Maine's rivers. The wood used to craft this pen was once part of Edwards Dam, which blocked the river and prevented the free movement of migratory fish. Now the wood will help to restore and protect the rivers of Maine.

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