Bangor Auditorium

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This unique pen was handcrafted from wood from the old basketball court at Bangor Auditorium. The floor was first used in 1955 in the old auditorium and it was later moved to its new home. The floor saw continuous service until it was replaced in 1997.

The Auditorium floor has seen thousands of hard played games. A half court shot at the buzzer for a state championship, unbelievable upsets and heart-breaking losses are all part of the history of "The Mecca". Every young basketball player in Maine has dreamed of playing at the Auditorium, and thousands of them were lucky enough to play on the court, dead spots and all.

The floor was also used for cheering championships, the University of Maine's men's and women's basketball teams, the Harlem Globe Trotters, a professional basketball team and many other great events.

We hope this pen will be a reminder of your special time at "The Mecca".

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