Custom and Corporate Gifts

American Heritage will craft pens from historic or sentimental wood provided by the customer.

  • Minimum order of ten pens of any style

  • 3\4"X3\4"X6" of solid hardwood needed for each pen (softwoods may be used)

  • AHP will high grade raw or rough wood

  • Custom history cards available

  • Custom engraving also available

  • Call or e-mail for prices and more detailed information

Corporate Gifts

  • AHP will craft custom pens using wood that may have special meaning to your business

  • Business may use histories provided by American Heritage Pens

  • Special pricing applies to selected histories

  • Custom engraving is available   Logo--Business Name--Client Names

  • Custom cards using picture and text provided by your company

  • Drop shipping to individual clients

  • Custom minimum order of ten pens ( hundred or thousands are fine also)

  • Call or e-mail for more detailed information

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